An 11-year-old was caught driving on Ontario’s Highway 400 Saturday after a night of playing Grand Theft Auto, the Ontario Provincial Police say.

According to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP’s Highway Safety Division, police received reports after 11 p.m. Saturday of an erratic-moving vehicle just north of Toronto.

“Drivers called it in thinking it was probably an impaired driver, because the vehicle was all over the highway,” Schmidt said in a video posted to the OPP’s Highway Safety Division Twitter page on Sunday.

The driver was heading northbound on Highway 400. Police say the driver exited at King Road, and then got back on the highway, this time going southbound. That’s when an OPP officer attempted to pull him over.

“The vehicle was first… going under the speed limit – like about half the speed limit,” Schmidt said. “As the officer tried to get out and talk to this driver, find out what was going on… the vehicle took off again.”

With the driver now speeding at over 120 km/h, a second officer arrived. The OPP were eventually able to box the car in and bring it to a rolling stop.

Police were shocked to find an 11-year-old boy behind the wheel.

“(He) had just been finishing playing Grand Theft Auto at home and wanted to find out what it was like driving a car,” Schmidt said.

Grand Theft Auto is a series of popular and violent video games in which players climb through the ranks of the criminal underworld through murder, car theft and high-speed driving. According to Schmidt, the child’s parents were sleeping at the time of the stunt.

In an interview with, Schmidt added that he was glad the joyride didn’t end in tragedy.

“Fortunately no one was killed,” Schmidt said. “In real life, there’s no reset button.”

The child was returned home by police. The car was also towed back home. No charges have been laid.

“He’s only eleven years old,” Schmidt said. “We’re leaving it up to the parents to determine what an appropriate punishment would be.”