The ongoing hunt for a $100,000 treasure is frustrating some Vancouver residents who say that people are digging where they shouldn’t and damaging at least one park.

The modern-day treasure hunt involves using a mobile app to try and find a hidden cache of real silver and gold somewhere in Vancouver.

On June 1, a company called Gold Hunt declared treasure hunts in three western Canadian cities. Participants pay $55 to get a map and a series of clues which should lead them to the treasure.

But it’s been six days since the hunt started and no treasure has been found. One treasure hunter told CTV News Vancouver, “I think they made it harder on us.”

Similar treasure hunts were held in Edmonton and Calgary. But in those hunts, the treasure was found in under 24 hours and five days, respectively.

There is no second place winner because the person who finds the treasure gets to take it all home. But after nearly a week without a winner, aggravation is building.

“I'm thinking I'm pretty frustrated,” one gold prospector said. A fellow silver seeker just wants the hunt to end, saying, “I think that I need closure that it has been found and the search is over.”

But others are frustrated for other reasons altogether. Neighbours and even some treasure hunters are now complaining that some scavengers are venturing where one shouldn't.

One angry resident said, “stop disrespectfully taking apart everything. If you pick up like a rock, put it back.”  A visitor at a park where treasure hunters went said, “there's been some damage that people have gotten a little carried away, I guess.”

Gold Hunt organizers are reminding participants to follow the rules and not dig or trespass. One company spokesperson offered this clue: “All of you are very close, but you're missing a very important piece of the puzzle.”

They added that treasure hunters are spending a lot of time in one area but they simply need to zoom out and look at their map.

And hopefully the treasure is found soon because some disgruntled Vancouver residents just want their lives to return to normal.