The ‘80s and ‘90s are so in right now.

Just ask Italian fashion house Versace, which appears to have ripped off the Vancouver Canucks’ old jersey design for a pricey new “printed sweatshirt” for women.

The black Versace-designed sweater features a logo with a yellow-rimmed white circle behind the word “VERSACE” written at a 45-degree angle, surrounded by black, white and yellow lines that make the shape of a skate.

It should be a very familiar design and colour scheme for Canucks fans, whose team wore virtually the same “flying skate” logo (with different lettering) from 1985-1997.

While a throwback Canucks sweater might cost you up to $200 online, Versace’s version is listed at $1,260 (860 Euros). That’s approaching the cost of a lower-end pair of Canucks’ season tickets.

“This sweater is exactly what we’d expect a basic from Versace to be – body-hugging, sensuous design with a bold pattern emblazoned across the front,” the product description reads. “Wear yours with anything and everything – from boyfriend-cut jeans to feminine skirts.”

So female Canucks fans take note: You’ve got some options the next time you dust off the old jersey.