The CEO of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress says support from the West "raises the level of risk" for Russia if it launches an invasion of the country, showing that Ukraine has the backing of "allies and partners."

"If the Russian side knows the Ukrainians have American, British, Canadian surveillance and weapons systems," Ihor Michalchyshyn told CTV National News, "we think that their calculation on an invasion will change."

Michalchyshyn says he thinks Canadian support of Ukraine is coming at an important time, as "outrageous demands" from Russia show Russian President Vladimir Putin isn't interested in a diplomatic solution.

"Putin has tried everything he can to regain Ukraine and other ex-Soviet republics as part of the Russian sphere of influence."

However, Michalchyshyn called on Canada to provide additional technical support to help Ukraine "defend itself" from Russian aggression.

"That Canada has expertise with surveillance systems for our land and sea borders," Michalchyshyn says. "That's something Ukraine is in desperate need of."

On Jan. 19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once again condemned Russia's military buildup at various parts of the Ukrainian border. 

Trudeau vowed that Canada is ready to proceed with “serious consequences” should the situation deteriorate.

For his part, Michalchyshyn expects the situation in Ukraine to continue to escalate.

"The only de-escalation that is possible is the Russian military going back to its barracks."

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With files from CTV News' Sarah Turnbull