Monday, Feb. 14: One student's struggles and successes

All week, Canada AM explores the 'why' behind high failure rates in Canadian kids schools. In the first installment of this series, a high school student and his parent share their personal struggle with his low grades. We'll look at the causes and possible solutions with well-known author, educator and speaker Karen Hume who leads workshops at schools around the country.

  • Click here for additional tips from Karen Hume on ways for parents to respond to a failing grade.

Tuesday, Feb. 15: How does your child learn?

Getting the right teacher to suit your child's learning style could mean the difference between success and failure. Today, educational consultant Otto Schmidt reveals how to identify the style that best fits your child.

  • Click here for educational consultant Otto Schmidt's list of different "learning modalities" and tips for teaching to different learning styles.

Wednesday, Feb. 16: Extracurricular activities

Choosing the right extra-curricular activities can boost grades in the classroom. Dr. Douglas Gosse, associate professor at the Schulich School of Education at Nipissing University, and director of the Northern Canadian Centre for Research in Education and the Arts, discusses how to find the right activity and the right balance with classwork.

Thursday, Feb. 17: Alternative learning

Students who don't succeed in a traditional mainstream school setting may benefit from alternative learning methods and environments. Carlo Ricci, a professor at Nipissing University and the editor of The Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, tells Canada AM about alternative options and how an untraditional model helped one of his own kids.

Friday, Feb. 18: Making the grades mailbag

Why are kids failing at record rates? Canada AM takes viewer's questions and educational expert Karen Hume suggests solutions to help students achieve a passing grade. Send your questions to