This summer the toys are hotter than ever and Mastermind Toys co-founder and chief toy buyer Jon Levy is with Canada AM all this week to share his favourites.

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FRIDAY: Toys for the park

Barrel Blaster Parachute Man Launcher:

Load your no-tangle paratrooper into the hand-held tube, fling him high into the air, and watch him float safely to Earth!
  • Ages 5+ / $16.95

Graffiti Sky Ball and Fat Bat Set:

Baseball will never be the same with the addition of the Sky Ball to the mix! The sky ball is power-packed with air for maximum bounce…and maximum spring off of the fat bat's giant sweet spot! Swing for the fences and smash a fly ball up to 300 ft… almost a major-league home run!
  • Ages 6+ / $15.95

Beamo 30" Flying Hoop: Soft, safe, easy to catch… and GIANT! The Beamo is the world's best flying hoop: easy to throw and glides gracefully through the air!

  • Ages 5+ / $19.95

Lite Hawk "XL" and "PRO": The Lite Hawk family of RC Helicopter Toys has two new additions: the XL and Pro models! The XL is an extra-large model designed for stable outdoor flight, and the Pro model introduces a "fourth channel" to the control mix, allowing for even-more precise turns and dips!

  • Ages 9+ / Assorted prices: XL $79.95 / PRO $69.95

Various Kites: Mastermind has a complete collection of fun and exciting kites, including butterfly, alien and dragon designs, stunt kites and even a delta kite with an 8' wingspan!

  • Assorted ages / prices

Background toys

  • Playmobil Glider Send your Playmobil pilot soaring with this nifty Playmobil glider! Ages 4+ / $24.95
  • Playground Balls
  • The quintessential building block for playground play! Various Prices/Ages

THURSDAY: Rainy day toys

Baby Bubble Bouncer: An indoor trampoline for toddlers! This small-sized trampoline has a stand for extra balance so that little ones can grab and bounce!

  • Ages 12 months + / $49.95

Spiro Bouncer Teeter Totter: What do you get when you cross a bouncy ball with a spinning see-saw? Teeter-Totter fun with a bounce and a twist! This pint-sized, 360° teeter-totter features two balls for lots of bounce and extra-padded seats to ensure a smooth ride.

  • Ages 2+ / $79.95

LEGO Sort and Store Head: The ultimate Lego collection companion! This giant toy is shaped like a Lego head, and inside the head are differently-sized sieves. Drop your mountains of Lego pieces in the top, and then they get sifted and sorted by size for better storage!

  • Ages 4+ / $49.95

Marble Run: Build your own marble track and watch it run from level to level!

  • Ages 5+ / $29.95

Melrose Cardboard Dollhouse: Assemble your own durable, sturdy cardboard dollhouse, complete with a 14-piece furniture set… entirely out of cardboard! This beautiful dollhouse is an affordable and eco-friendly addition to your doll neighbourhood!

  • Ages 3+ / $29.95

Tabletop Foosball Air Hockey: Perfect for indoor fun when it rains or for cottage play, tabletop foosball and air hockey are sized for grab and go play on almost any surface!

  • Ages 4+ / $49.95 each

Table Air Hockey: Enjoy real arcade fun at home! This fun-filled family game is fast-paced, so you better be quick! It's easy to pickup and pop on a table for plug and play fun wherever you go!

  • Ages 4+ / $49.95 each
  • Redakai Trading Cards: The latest collectible craze is here! Collect Redakai trading cards to build your teams and lead them into fierce competition! Redakai involves strategy and on-the-fly math: a great way to pass the time this summer! Ages 6+ / $5.99 - $37.99

Background toys

  • Assorted Games A collection of new and classic games for indoor play this summer! Various Ages / Prices
  • Assorted Dress-Up Accessories Creative pretend and play items will guarantee an imagination filled afternoon. Various Ages / Prices

WEDNESDAY: Toys for the pool or the lake

Wigglin' Water Snake: Attach this giant 20-ft. long sprinkler snake to any garden hose for refreshing summer fun! The Wigglin' Water snake sprays crazily in all directions as it writhes around the lawn!

  • Ages 3+ / $24.95

Splash Darts: Who needs the lawn when you can challenge your friends with these specially designed floating darts? Toss the target into the pool and then take aim with your darts!

  • Ages 5+ / $24.95

Splash Golf: Toss the floating target "hole" into the pool and take aim with your floating golf club; launch the little splash bombs at the target for the lowest score!

  • Ages 6+ / $16.95

Speed Splash: Fill the sponge ball with water and zip it back and forth on a line between two players with handles… the faster you go, the more you splash!

  • Ages 4+ / $9.95

Swimming Pool Crash Mat: Perfect for cannon-ballers! Put this floating foam target into the pool, and then bombs away! The pieces come apart when you crash them, so it's just reassemble… and reload! Ages 6+ / $14.95

Background toys: 

  • Geyser Gusher Water Cannon: A simple cone that sprays water up to 30ft! Ages 4+/ $8.95
  • Mermaid Dive Sticks: Wiggling mermaids that sink to the bottom of the pool! Ages 8+ / $11.95
  • Splash Toys: A selection of our FINEST splashers for wet summer relief Various Ages / Prices

TUESDAY: Toys for the backyard

Badminton Set: Set up and play in the backyard!

  • Ages 4+ / $19.95

Golf Clubs: Indoors or out, a great golf set for kids!

  • Ages 5+ / $19.95

Safer Baseball A soft baseball for safer play!

  • Ages 3+ / $2.95

Spinmallow: A battery powered marshmallow spinner for better roasting and toasting!

  • Ages 6+ / $12.95

Bug Vacuum/Habitat: A safe vacuum for bugs and a great place to put them for observation!

  • Ages 6+ / Vacuum $19.95, Habitat $29.95

Summer Books: Grow your summer library!

  • Various Ages / Prices

MONDAY: Toys for the driveway

Radio Flyer Tailspin "Spin-Out" Trike:

This big-wheel trike is great for riding straight, but comes with a twist; yank the spin-out bar and the back wheels are raised so that the trike will power slide through a turn!
  • Ages 5+ / $119.95

Razor Graffiti Scooter:

 Colour your ride with the Graffiti Scooter! This spiffy scooter has a spring-loaded chalk attachment on the back that leaves a chalk-line trail as you scoot. Make your mark as you spin around the block.
  • Ages 6+ / $69.95

Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System:

Meet Turbospoke, the bicycle "exhaust" system that makes your bike look and sound like a motorcycle. This cool new accessory transforms your bike into a super cool street machine. Using only the power of your bike's pedals, Turbospoke produces pretty nifty engine sounds from chopper to dirt bike, and then amplifies them for a realistic rider experience. The harder you pedal, the louder the roar!
  • Ages 6+ / $22.95

Kettler Princess and Racer Balance Bikes: 

Balance bikes are bicycles without wheels; the idea is that this is a step on the road to learning to ride a bike, as it helps with balance!
  • Ages 18 months+ / $99.95

Kettler Trikes/Radio Flyer wagons:

Mastermind carries the very best in trikes and wagons from Kettler and Radio Flyer respectively… each come laden with cool features that make them durable, comfortable and convenient for parents!
  • Various Ages / Various Prices

Background Toys:

  • Radio Flyer Sports coupe A sporty roadster for little ones with a handle for Mom and Dad to push! Ages 1+ /$149.95
  • Rainbow Ribbons A colourful ribbon on a stick for simple summer fun! All Ages / $6.95
  • Plasmacar Twist the wheel back and forth to propel the car! Ages 3+ / $69.95
  • Ripstik Castor wheels move the board without your feet touching the ground! Ages 8+ / $99.95
  • Pogo sTICKS The classic driveway item is still… a classic! Ages 5+/ Various prices
  • Swingball: A portable version of tetherball for kids! Ages 4+ / $49.95