Every year, Kol Kid searches high and low to cultivate the newest and most innovative products to enhance the lives of both parents and children. Our search begins in Toronto, our home town and extends all across the globe from Paris to Tokyo to Senegal.

Our yearly selection includes a balance of cutting edge baby functional items that will surely simplify daily life, as well as hand crafted, classic pieces that continue to bring people joy, and the latest toys that spark big ideas and ignite the flame of creativity.

To give you a small taste of what we have in store for you, here is a list of products of what our customers have been raving about this year!

Happy Mat
No mess, no stress. Happy Mat is a suction plate and place mat all in one.   This product will make your meal and snack times a breeze. Happy Mat is made of heavy duty silicone and is dishwasher friendly.

Minbie Bottle
Minbie Bottles are uniquely designed for breast-fed babies that need to be supplemented with a bottle. Teats are carefully designed to mimic that of a nipple which makes the transition from breast to bottle instinctive and natural. Minbies are made of a high- quality German soft silicone and is certified biocompatible.

Wimmer Ferguson Mirror
Wimmer-Fergusen has dedicated over 40 years to the research of baby visual development. And as expected, this mirror is a multiple award-winning product. On one side, is an unbreakable, hard-coated polycarbonate mirror; the other side is adorned with a highly stimulating black and white images, designed to promote visual activity. This seemingly simple mirror is essential to developing a baby’s sense of self and doubles nicely as a perceptual development tool.

Aden and Anais Swaddling blankets
Aden and Anais swaddling blankets are made of 100 per cent cotton muslin. Your baby will never overheat in this especially soft, light and breathable material. These blankets are large enough for the perfect swaddle and are also versatile enough as stroller and nursing blankets, as well as a changing table covers and burp clothes.  I used these blankets for everything from burn cloths to sunshade on stroller and blankets.

Ergo 360
The Ergo 360 carrier was designed by a chiropractor and maximizes comfort for both baby and parent. The Ergo 360 gives parents the option of four comfortable and ergonomic ways to wear baby: front-inward, front outward, hip and back carry positions. Suddenly, your arms are free and you don’t feel the pain in your back and shoulders anymore. Most importantly, the Ergo 360 keeps your baby in a natural position: frog-legged with curved spine.

JJ Cole 2 N 1 mirror
This convex mirror allows you to safely keep an eye on your baby while driving. It also doubles as an iPad holder so your baby can view the iPad during long drives.

Baby Banz Ear Muffs
These earmuffs are crafted to protect your baby’s delicate ears from loud and potentially harmful volumes of noise. They are amply cushioned for maximum comfort and are extremely lightweight. These earmuffs will come in handy during concerts, sports events, street festivals and even during common house chores such as vacuuming and lawn-mowing.

Hot Air Balloon Mobile
A beautiful, fully assembled mobile that is easy to hang. Charming and timeless, this classic mobile will give any nursery the right touch of warmth and whimsy.

Kantha Quilts
Kantha Quilts are handmade of unique, one-of-a-kind recycled saris. Each quilt is stitched by hand and is made of luxurious, complimentary double-sided fabrics which are warm, durable, and elegant. Kantha quilts make great heirloom blankets that your child will treasure, and even pass down.

Toofeze to the rescue! This teether includes a large steel disc at its centre to cool and calm your teething baby! Dip Toofeze into cold water (to make the disc extra cold) and let it soothe and chill your baby out. It has three different chewing surfaces and an easy-grip handle. Toofeze is made of completely natural and non-toxic ingredients.

Electrik Kids bandana bibs
Perfect for sopping up baby drool, but designed in the most fashionable way to keep baby stylish.

Rabbit Lamp
Soft mood light, that gives the perfect evening glow and is sure to brighten any room with style. These lamps are made in Germany and all hand finished.

Fashionable silicone teething necklaces made for moms to wear and babies to chew on. Safe for babies to touch, tug and chew on.

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