If you’re marking St. Patrick’s Day with a pint of beer at this Vancouver restaurant, better bring a napkin or two.

Railtown Café is facing international condemnation ahead of St. Patrick’s Day after posting a photo of what some quickly called the “worst poured pint ever.”

In a Facebook post trying to entice revellers to its St. Paddy’s Day party, the Railtown Café shared an image of some finger food and a rather messy looking pint of Guinness beer.

The online backlash was swift and harsh, with critics foaming at the keyboard. 

“Every person in Ireland collectively screams in horror,” wrote Laura from Belfast.

“Ireland is watching,” wrote Conor Dargle, of Dublin. “Is this how pints are in Canada?

Wrote another Facebook user: “Come celebrate Ireland with the worst poured pint ever.”

In a Facebook comment, the pub admitted that they pour Guinness from cans, but “are working on getting a Guinness tap installed as we speak!”

Darren Pierce, a bartender at the Vancouver gastropub Irish Heather, which serves Guinness on tap, says there is a real science to getting the perfect pour.

He says one should fill a clean glass to about three-quarters before letting the rest of the pour “cascade.”

The bartenders at the Irish Heather then wait about 90 seconds while the beer settles.

“We always go by eye,” Pierce said, explaining that they wait until the beer is light brown in the middle and dark at the bottom.

The perfect Guinness pour is finished off with just the right amount of head before being served to a thirsty customer.

Railtown Café says they plan to make up for their faux pas. They posted to Facebook an image of a better pour and are offering a free pint on Friday for anyone with an Irish passport.

With a report by CTV Vancouver’s Ben Miljure

Thanks for the friendly comments, everyone! We’re not all a bunch of maple-syrup drinking snow farmers and to make up...

Posted by Railtown Cafe on Tuesday, March 14, 2017