A pub in Dublin is offering free pints to its “Canadian friends” after a B.C. restaurant was mocked around the world for a promotional photo featuring a poorly poured pint of Guinness.

Slatterys Pub, located in Beggar’s Bush, Dublin, is offering anyone with a valid Canadian passport a free “perfectly poured Guinness” pint to mark St. Patrick’s Day on Friday.

Earlier this week, B.C.’s Railtown Café became the subject of derision by beer-lovers around the world after the restaurant shared an image of a rather messy looking pint of Guinness in a St. Patrick’s Day promotional Facebook post. The ensuing online backlash was swift and harsh, with critics calling out the pub for the “worst poured pint ever.”

Railtown Café acknowledged their faux pas and offered a free pint on Friday, for anyone with an Irish passport.

Slatterys decided to return the favour to Canucks in Dublin.

In a Facebook post, Slatterys said “in the spirit of Paddy’s Day, we’d like to return the offer to our Canadian friends and invite anyone of age with a valid Canadian passport to join us (Friday) for a free pint of perfectly poured Guinness…”

The post continued: “Happy St Patrick’s Day to pint lovers everywhere.”