This spring, a Vancouver marijuana packaging company is looking to roll out a product normally associated with Christmastime: advent calendars.

CannaCalendar – a packaging company that wholesales their creations to cannabis dispensaries and online stores – is marketing calendars counting down to April 20, a day that pot advocates celebrate using marijuana and decry its criminalization.

Canada is in the process of legalizing marijuana, with bill C-45 – which would allow adults in Canada to possess and use small amounts of recreational pot legally – passing a second reading in the Senate last week.

The duo who came up with the idea for the '4/20' countdown calendar admit they were high at the time.

"Well, we are advocates," Michael Landon told CTV Vancouver, laughing when asked about the moment of inspiration.

Landon and Tyler Kiren say the product follows up on the company's successful marijuana-filled Christmas advent calendar, which featured either cannabis flowers, edibles, or a combination of the two.

Their 4/20 take on the advent calendar will be sold to local dispensaries empty, with retailers deciding what goes inside the 20 dates on the calendar.

"So a lot of the dispensaries might be higher end, so they're going to put higher-end pot in there," Kiren said.

Landon says, despite the fun nature of the product, he and Kiren say they're not marketing the product towards children.

"Even though it is kind of playful, we don't want to attract kids in any way," Landon said.

The pair say they're hoping to sell 5,000 calendars, and are planning ahead to a Valentine Day's version next year.

With a report from CTV Vancouver's St. John Alexander