Urban Outfitters is apologizing yet again for another controversial T-shirt.

The latest fashion faux pas is a woman's crop top with the word "depression" written all over it.

The American retailer stopped selling the depression T-shirt after a social media backlash that had critics charging that the company was using mental illness to make a fashion statement.

On Sunday, Urban Outfitters said it was no longer selling the T-shirt online.


One day later the company apologized to those who were offended by it.

"We were trying to support a small brand, not glamorize mental illness in any way," the company said Monday.

The garment was designed by a Singapore-based fashion label called Depression.

The brand posted a news story about its controversial T-shirt being pulled from Urban Outfitter's website on its own Facebook page Monday, simply noting: "Read about DEPRESSION'S brand story here."

Urban Outfitters, which also owns retail brands Free People and Anthropologie, is no stranger to controversy.

In May 2011, an independent jewelry designer accused Urban Outfitters of stealing her designs. After a social media backlash, the company pulled the collection.

Urban Outfitters also came under fire in 2010 for selling a T-shirt that said “Eat Less,” which was also subsequently yanked from shelves.


That same year, Urban Outfitters pulled a T-shirt from its online store with a colour option of 'Obama/Black.'