Enough recreational dried cannabis was sold through Canadian retailers between legalization on October 17, 2018 and New Year’s Eve to fill more than 31 million joints.

Statistics Canada reports that 4,518 kilograms of non-medical dried cannabis was sold in October, 5,586 kilograms was sold in November, and 5,590 kilograms was sold in December.

That equates to 31,388,000 half-gram joints.

The figures are for dried recreational cannabis sold through retail stores and online distributors. They don’t include medical cannabis sales.

StatsCan also reports that 26,244 litres of non-medical cannabis oil was sold in October, 26,091 litres was sold in November and 27,277 litres was sold in December.

Sales could be even higher after April 1, when the first 25 bricks-and-mortar cannabis stores open in the country’s biggest province, Ontario.