TORONTO -- We have all heard the warnings and the reality is one of the financial safety nets provided by the government via the CERB is coming to an end on the September 26. But before you panic, automatic enrolment into an modified EI program will be available to those who qualify.

However, it may not be enough, and panic may be mounting if creditors are calling, mortgage deferrals are coming to an end or you are scrambling to make your rent.

How do you know you are in deep over your head financially? I reached out to Shawn Stack, Vice-President of Insolvency Practice, Bromwich+Smith and here are his five warning signs you need to talk to an expert for help:

1. You find yourself ignoring your situation until it becomes a real problem. You aren’t in control of your financial situation and you pretend it's not an issue when really, the numbers tell a different story.

2. The anxiety around it is so great, it’s all you think about. It keeps you up at night and its constantly on your mind because you can’t find a solution to ease your thoughts.

3. As soon as you get paid, all of your money is spoken for, with the majority of it going to debt service. You have nothing left to put into savings, for example.

4. Your creditors are calling non-stop, threatening action like wage garnishing, or repossession of your car, for example. Maybe your friends or family are calling in the money you borrowed from them. Either way, a third-party is seeking payback for money you borrowed.

5. You are borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. If you find yourself paying one credit card with another or going into overdraft every month just to make ends meet, then it's time to make a call.

“Even the best swimmers can end up drowning in debt. There’s no shame in calling for a lifeguard if you are in over your head.” - Shawn Stack, vice-president of Insolvency Practice, Bromwich+Smith

Insolvency experts have the skills and knowledge to help point you in the right direction when you are feeling so overwhelmed and can't tread water any longer.