While toy companies push high-tech animals and elaborate playsets for kids, parents are turning to the ‘80s for shopping ideas this holiday season, according to Google Trends.

Transformers, Barbies, Beanie Babies and other throwback items dominate Google’s annual list of the most-searched toys of the Christmas season. Other simple, hands-on toys such as Lego, wooden blocks and wooden sword-and-shield sets are also quite popular, according to Google.

“What this speaks to is a desire to have toys that are retro, but also tactile,” trends expert Alexandra Hunnings Klein, of Google Canada, told CTV News Channel on Wednesday.

Transformers hero Bumblebee tops this year’s list of the most-searched toys in Canada, followed by TY Beanie Babies and Max Steel action figures.

Hunnings Klein says it’s no surprise to see Bumblebee at the top of the list this year, because Transformers are always a popular hands-on action figure. She also cited the popularity of the film franchise, which released its latest installment this summer.

“They’re just an awesome toy that we see year after year,” she said.

It’s also another big year for Barbie dolls, as “Barbie” ranked sixth and her friend, “Crissy,” placed seventh on the list. “Barbie house” was No. 9.

“Barbie doll is just this extremely, totally nostalgic toy that I think parents want to share with their kids,” Hunnings Klein said.

The full list broke down as follows:

  1. Bumblebee Transformers
  2. TY Beanie Babies
  3. Max Steel action figure
  4. Little Tikes Kitchen
  5. Autobots
  6. Barbie doll
  7. Crissy doll
  8. Barbie house
  9. Anime figures
  10. Kapla wooden blocks

A breakdown of each province and territory shows more variety across the country, although Transformers and Barbie remained popular items. Various Lego and Mega Bloks kits were also quite popular, as was Paw Patrol and the KidKraft Kitchen set.

“It’s always a good time to get on in there and learn to cook,” Hunnings Klein said.

Most-wanted new toys

Various toy industry lists indicate that a talking tiger and a finger-hugging monkey are going to be the most-wanted toys among children this year.

Furreal Roarin’ Tyler, the Talking Tiger is expected to be one of the more expensive “it” toys this holiday season, at a suggested retail price of $179.99. The Canadian Toy Association says Tyler is designed to move and roar in response to children’s actions. The tiger was one of the top-ranked toys on lists from the Canadian Toy Association, the Toy Insider and DreamToys in the U.K.

Fingerlings baby monkey pets are also proving to be a hard-to-find item this season, with all variants of the approximately $20 toy already sold out at Walmart and Amazon online stores. The toys “respond to sound, motion and touch,” according to the toy’s creators at WoWee.