Meet Markus Frind, the Canadian who’s helped millions find love

From his downtown Vancouver, B.C. love lair, Frind controls the world’s largest dating website.

Since he launched it 11 years ago, has grown to claim 76 million users, all of whom are looking for a love connection.

“We generate millions of relationships a year and then 15 per cent of those turn into marriages,” Frind told CTV News.

When he started the site in 2003, the British Columbia Institute of Technology graduate was its sole employee. In the years since, his online love machine has kicked into high gear and now employs 75 people.

His secret to success? Making the website free for users. “I didn’t really like that you had to pay for online dating, I was like I could this myself,” he said. 

“We’ve hired a team of six or seven PhD’s and they spend most of their day building mathematical models to predict who will enter into a relationship with who,” Frind said.

Beyond refining the science of matchmaking, Frind says he’s looking to modernize the business in other ways too, including bringing his service to the next technological frontier: wearable gadgets.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Brent Gilbert