TORONTO -- Loblaws said it is “editing the copy” of a notice on its PC Health app that offered PC Optimum points for a “face-to-face” meetup with a loved one, despite public health recommendations to limit personal contacts during the pandemic.

Among its features, the PC Health app awards loyalty points to users for completing various healthy activities, depending on their own wellness goals. These activities sometimes include asking users to go for a walk or jog, or to complete various other physical activities.

Recently, the app asked users to “meet a friend/loved one” for 35 PC Optimum points. A thousand points is equal to a dollar that can be redeemed for purchases at Loblaws-affiliated grocery stores and Shoppers Drug Mart.

“Spending face-to-face time with someone we care about is a great reminder of the positive relationships we have in our lives,” the notice on the app reads. “Today, meet up with a friend, loved one or close colleague to spend some time together. Have a warm drink, a walk, or just chat.”

The notice makes no mention of virtual meetups, physical distancing or mask wearing.

Public health officials are asking Canadians to limit their contacts to limit the spread of COVID-19, as cases continue to spike across the country.

Indoor social gatherings are banned in Alberta and in Ontario’s “grey” zone, currently the Toronto and Peel regions of the province.

In a statement to, a spokesperson for Loblaws said “not all suggested ways to connect were appropriate due to local/regional guidelines.”

“We are in the process of editing the copy within our PC Health app programs to ensure it is applicable to users across the country,” the statement continued.