Hundreds of Erwin Hymer North America employees are without jobs after the Cambridge, Ont.-based recreational vehicle maker shut its doors Friday.

Employees were greeted with termination notices when they arrived at work on Feb. 15, according to Samantha Wagner, who had been employed by Erwin Hymer for just five months. Workers at both the company’s Kitchener, Ont.-based plant and the Cambridge location were affected by the layoffs.

“They just fed us full of that false hope just to pull the rug out from underneath us,” Wagner told CTV Kitchener.

According to video obtained by CTV Kitchener, a man in a suit greeted workers outside of the company’s Kitchener location Friday morning, explaining that the company had been put into receivership, effectively terminating everyone’s employment.

In the video, the man says that wages would be paid through Friday and that they hoped that vacation pay would be paid out within two weeks.

The news comes following an announcement that the North American branch of the company would not be involved in the sale of its operations to Thor Industries in the United States.

One hundred employees were reportedly laid off in January; however, the company reportedly told employees at the time that there were no more layoffs planned in the coming months.

The Erwin Hymer layoffs come just months after General Motors announced plans to close its Oshawa Assembly Plant some 130 kilometers away, which will result in the loss of nearly 3,000 jobs.

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