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Has inflation changed the way you tip for various services? We want to hear from you

While many Canadians were quick to support businesses with unsparing tips during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rising cost of living may not be leaving much room for generosity today.

Over the last few years, increasing inflation rates have been exceptionally hard on Canadians — July marked the second consecutive monthly inflation rate increase this year. Previous reports have shown Canadians are starting to tip less than in previous years as businesses begin to increase their tipping percentages amid the rising cost of living. Restaurants across Canada have also seen a three per cent decline in customers this year, which industry expert say is a consequence of rising food costs and lingering effects from the pandemic.

Also known as ‘tip-flation,’ nearly four in five Canadians say this increase in gratuity is also being seen in establishments that have never asked for tips until recent years. Additionally, Canadians believe most establishments that offer tips do so in order to underpay employees.

Has rising tip-flation affected you and the way you tip for various services? How has the rising cost of living changed your tipping behaviour? Are you an employee that relies heavily on tips? How have rising service costs changed the way your patrons tip and your average income? wants to hear from you.

Share your comments by emailing us at with your name, general location and phone number in case we want to follow up. Your comments may be used in a story.


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