After decades as a wardrobe staple, industry experts are warning that denim jeans could be on their way out as younger shoppers opt for more comfortable options.

Retail analyst Doug Stephens said part of shoppers’ shift away from jeans has to do with a demographic change.

"It was really the baby boomer generation that gave rise to jeans," Stephens told CTV's Canada AM on Tuesday. "Now with that entire generation over 50, I believe we're going to see a continued decline as jeans as a fashion statement."

Denim sales were down five per cent in Canada in 2013 according to market research firm NPD Group, while 'active bottoms' saw 14 per cent growth in sales last year. In the U.S., jeans sales dropped six per cent in 2013.

Stephens said younger shoppers are much more in tune with fashion trends worldwide.

"They're not waiting for Levis or anyone else to tell them what's fashionable now," he said.

"I think yoga wear is having a huge impact," Stephens added, noting that new fabrics and designs are resulting in more "comfortable" fashion that individuals are wearing casually and to work.

The NPD Group report noted that the latest fashion trends are gravitating towards more relaxed daytime styles such as stretchy pants and loose drawstring pants.

A 2013 NPD study noted that fitness apparel, such as yoga attire, is only being used for exercise 20 per cent of the time, while one-third of active wear sales are intended for "everyday use."

Stephens said that denim designers are now looking at new fabrics and designs to push jean products forward.

"A pair of jeans hasn't really changed much in 30 or 40 years, at least," he said.