Customers are angry at the Hudson's Bay after the company cancelled some of their online orders, purchased at a deep discount by combining multiple rebate codes.

Over the weekend, customers were sharing the discount codes on popular consumer forums such as

Customers said they were able to purchase items at a major discount. In one post on, a user said he was able to purchase a Vitamix blender that regularly sells for $530 for 45 per cent off.

The user said that when he entered the discount code for 25 per cent off, he received an additional code for 20 per cent off for household items, like the blender.

Soon, other users on the forum were applying the codes to their purchases and boasting about getting large discounts. One user said he was able to purchase a Victorinox watch for 60 per cent off by combining or "stacking" two different codes.

But eventually, users started to post messages that some of their orders had been cancelled. They said that they had received emails from the company telling them that their orders were cancelled because of a system error that allowed them to combine the codes.

In an email to, a company spokesperson said that a special promotional code was only initially sent to loyalty card customers at the two highest spending thresholds.

"Those promotional codes were virally shared online and consumers then used that code alongside other offers, which was against the terms of use," Director of External Communications Tiffany Bourre said Wednesday. "Our pricing policy does not allow for multiple promotions to be used in one transaction, therefore, the orders were cancelled."

Bourre said the company cares "deeply" about the shopping experience for its online customers. She said each affected customer was contacted and offered the original promotion code that was exclusively sent to the loyalty card holders.

"We appreciate our customers' business and look forward to continuing to serve them," she said.

But angry consumers are still posting complaints on the Hudson's Bay Facebook page.

"I've also had a horrible experience with your online ordering over the weekend," Cori Lerner wrote on Tuesday. "Got an email this morning saying my order was cancelled. Shame on you for not having your website operating properly. Perhaps you should honour the sale and move forward."

Another customer named Anna Albo wrote: "When putting out promo codes, perhaps the Bay should test them first, instead of implying the consumer is at fault by using them incorrectly. You should honour all those online orders you cancelled today and eat/own your mistake."

The account for Hudson's Bay replied on Facebook to many of the customer complaints.

"We are truly sorry for this inconvenience and we value your business. We've passed your information along to our Service Excellence team and they will reach out to you shortly," one reply said.