An inventor from Portland, Oregon is being dubbed the King of Kickstarter, after his crowdfunding campaign for a high-tech cooler he invented became the site’s most successful fundraising effort ever.

Ryan Grepper’s Coolest Cooler boasts myriad features, including a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a blender, a USB charger and other supplies for a, well, pretty cool trip to the beach or campsite.

“The Coolest steps up the fun level of any outdoor gathering,” reads a product description. “Nothing tastes better on a hot day than a blended drink, and nothing draws a crowd like good music!”

After one false fundraising start, Grepper was undeterred. His second try at crowdfunding, launched last month, had a modest $50,000 goal. This week, it passed the $10,000,000 mark to become the most successful campaign in Kickstarter’s history.

The campaign closes Friday at 9 p.m. ET.

Grepper’s Kickstarter profile describes him as “part visionary, part mad scientist, and a passionate supporter of the DIY revolution.” He has been a full-time inventor since 2006 and is a founder of Inventor’s Blueprint, which teaches fledgling inventors to turn their ideas into profitable products.

With his record-setting crowdfunding campaign, however, comes big responsibility. His local paper, the Oregonian, reports that his record haul means he must be able to produce and sell about 49,000 coolers by early next year.

Grepper has been hard at work finalizing the design and researching companies to manufacture the final product. “Every day I see a production deadline,” he told the paper.

He has a product development timeline included on the campaign page, which indicates he aims to begin shipping orders in January or February. He does, however, list a handful of potential “risks and challenges” to meeting that deadline, including manufacturing delays and last-minute changes to the cooler’s design.

The Coolest cooler will retail for $299.