The “it” toy this holiday season is a chittering, cooing, burping, farting, singing, laughing, Canadian-designed little creature called a Fingerling. And it’s already sold out.

The cute, animatronic little beasts are designed to grip your finger like a tree branch and come equipped with sensors that allow them to respond to various forms of input, including noise, sounds and touch. The various Fingerling designs include several monkeys, as well as a unicorn and a sloth.

“They’re super cute and they interact with you,” Tiffany Kayar, from Toronto-based Fingerlings maker WowWee Group Ltd., told CTV’s Your Morning. “They’re really just adorable pets that you can take anywhere.”

Fingerlings sell for approximately $15-$20 in-store, but they’re nearly impossible to find on shelves with under six weeks left until Christmas. The cheapest one available on Amazon is currently listed at $47.

Kayar says the toys have been a hit with boys and girls across a broad age range, and have become quite popular online as well. She adds that the overall response has “definitely surpassed our expectations.”

Interest in the toys has spiked over the last month, surpassing even last year’s top toy, the Hatchimal, in Google searches worldwide.

But Kayar says WowWee has no intention of hitting the same snags that Canadian-based SpinMaster encounter last year, when it struggled to keep up with demand for its Hatchimals.

“We do have more surprises coming this holiday season. Maybe even possibly some new Fingerlings friends,” she said, adding that parents should “keep checking” until they find one of the toys.

“If I were you would I would just keep your eye out and I definitely think that you’ll be able to have a Fingerlings friend this holiday season.”