Advent calendars normally contain chocolate or candy to help you countdown for the holidays, but a B.C. company is selling advent calendars geared more towards giving you the munchies.

Coast to Coast Medicinals is taking pre-orders for cannabis Christmas advent calendars, featuring dried marijuana buds and edibles. The calendars – which range from $200-$230 come in three types: one that is all dried marijuana, one that contains only edibles, and a third that combine the two.

"We wanted something fun and different, something for adults," Lorilee Fedler, the founder of the online store, told CTV Vancouver.

According to Fedler, there’s a gram of marijuana for each day plus three grams for Christmas Day.

She says they were inspired by alcoholic advent calendars, and wanted to put their own spin on it.

The product has been selling for one week, and Fedler says they've sold more than 100 with a wide range of people interested.

"We've seen our age group, to the elderly. Old ladies have called in to ask to buy for their daughters, their kids and their grandkids," she said.

Shipping marijuana through the mail system is only allowed for medical marijuana packages, but Fedler says she's unconcerned about any possible legal worries stemming from the festive parcels.

"We haven’t had any issues yet so we think we'll be good," she said.

With files from CTV Vancouver