VICTORIA -- The British Columbia government is moving closer to its multibillion-dollar natural gas ambitions by signing more revenue sharing agreements with First Nations.

The agreements are with the Lax Kw'alams and Metlakatla in relation to their traditional territory on the Grassy Point lands on B.C.'s northern coast.

The lands have been identified as the potential site for new liquefied-natural-gas export facilities.

By signing the agreements, the First Nations give their support and co-operation for prospective LNG development on their territory.

At the signing ceremony, Metlakatla Chief Harold Leighton told the crowd that the status quo is no longer acceptable for First Nations and they want to be part of development efforts in northwest B.C.

Aboriginal Relations Minister John Rustad says such collaboration underpins the economic security of First Nations' communities and also creates certainty for them, industry and government.