SAO PAULO, Brazil - Naomi Campbell was released Friday from the hospital where she underwent abdominal surgery. The 37-year-old British supermodel, a frequent visitor to Brazil, was admitted for an emergency operation Monday.

"She recovered very well from her surgery," said Mirtes Bogea, a spokeswoman for the Sirio Libanes hospital in Sao Paulo. "Doctors signed her release and she left in the afternoon in a helicopter that someone sent to pick her up."

Bogea declined to provide further details.

On Tuesday, the model's publicist, Jeff Raymond said she had been hospitalized "to have a small cyst removed."

She was operated on by gynecologist Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, who would only say he performed abdominal surgery on her.

He described the procedure as a laparoscopy, in which doctors use a thin, lighted scope to view internal organs.

"She came to Brazil to be treated for a condition I am not authorized to reveal," he said earlier this week, declining to comment further.

Dr. David Uip, one of Brazil's leading experts in infectious diseases, also cared for Campbell during her stay at the hospital.