Question: I am thinking of joining a boot camp for the summer instead of going to a gym but there seem to be so many to choose from, I'm confused. How do I find the right one for me?

Answer: You're certainly not alone! Boot camps have been springing up all across the country and the trend doesn't seem to be losing steam. You can find almost any theme to fit your needs from booty and bridal boot camps to camps you can do with your dog!

To help find the right fit and workout for you, follow this common line of questioning:


Boot camps may be franchise operations or run by individual trainers. Keep in mind that this is just like joining a gym that happens to be outside. Make sure that all the business bases are covering including:

  • Is it a franchise or an individually operated program?
  • Is the trainer certified with recognized qualifications?
  • How many years experience does the trainer have?
  • What is the ratio of trainer to participant?


Ask about the content of the workout to ensure that it's appropriate for your level and your interest:

  • How long is the workout?
  • What is the general format – how long is the warm up, workout, cool down, etc.?
  • Does the workout vary each week or is it the same each week?
  • How many classes each week can I attend for the price?
  • What else is included in the program – nutrition information, tips, resources, recipes?

Where and when?

Time and proximity are two of the most important keys in success with any fitness program. You have to get there consistently to get results! Make sure the workout is close to either your home or work. Choose a program that best fits with your schedule and your energy.

Where is the workout offered?

  • Are there optional locations you can attend?
  • Are there optional times you can attend?  


This involves registration and ongoing logistics:

  • How do you register?
  • Is there a confirmation and receipt?
  • Where do I meet the group?
  • What happens if it rains?
  • What happens if the instructor doesn't show?
  • How is information provided throughout the program – schedule changes, weather updates, etc.

Part of the appeal is the short-term commitment and results. But buyer beware! Make sure you do your homework first to ensure you get good value for both your time and your money.