MONTREAL- Noted animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot is condemning animal cruelty in Montreal.

The former actress has sent a letter to Montreal Mayor Gerald Tremblay condemning the reported cruelty that animals recently endured at a local pound.

She wrote that viewing a French-language CBC report about the Berger Blanc pound was more than she could bear.

Video of cats and dogs suffering as well as images of questionable euthanasia practices prompted criticism from the city and the province.

Bardot is urging Mayor Gerald Tremblay to terminate the contract with Berger Blanc.

The privately held company has animal-control contracts in several Montreal boroughs and surrounding towns.

Tremblay says he's already taken several measures, including making sure a city employee is present when an animal is euthanized.

The Berger Blanc posted a response to the Radio Canada report on its website yesterday that said the situation at the pound has been rectified.