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Used car prices are surging. Here's why you should buy now

For nearly a year, the average used vehicle in the United States had been edging toward affordable again for millions of people. Now, with the supply of used vehicles failing to keep up with robust demand, prices are creeping up again, with signs pointing to further increases ahead.

Used cars for sale are parked roadside at an auto lot in Philadelphia, Tuesday, July 12, 2022. After a brief break, used car prices are on the rise again. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Alonso seeks 33rd Formula 1 win after 100 podium finishes

After claiming his 100th podium in Saudi Arabia in confusing and controversial circumstances, Fernando Alonso is looking for a better result at Sunday's Australian Grand Prix than his two third-place finishes so far this Formula One season.

New California gas price law another defeat for oil industry

California lawmakers on Monday approved the nation's first penalty for price gouging at the pump, voting to give regulators the power to punish oil companies for profiting from the type of gas price spikes that plagued the nation's most populous state last summer.