Vancouver is Canada’s worst city to drive in, while Calgary is the best, according to a new global ranking compiled by a German car parts retailer.

The study by kfzteile24 ranked the driving experience in 100 cities around the world based on 10 criteria, including traffic congestion, road quality, road traffic injuries and cost of parking.

The study authors settled on their 100-city list and ranking by looking at cities with the highest number of registered vehicles and most available traffic data.  

While Vancouver ranked 48th globally, it was the worst-ranked place among the five Canadian cities on the list.

Calgary is the best driving city in Canada, and it ranked 10th overall, according to the study. Montreal ranked 13th, followed by Toronto in 14th place and Ottawa in 22nd spot.

The best five cities in the world to drive in, according to kfzteile24, are:

  1.        Dusseldorf, Germany
  2.        Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  3.        Zurich, Switzerland
  4.        Tokyo, Japan
  5.        Basel, Switzerland

Kolkata, India, was ranked as the worst city to drive in, followed by Karachi, Pakistan, and Lagos, Nigeria.

The City of Vancouver is disputing the German company’s ranking, and taking issue with the way the study chose to measure issues such as congestion and driving speed. 

Among the criteria used for the study is the driving speed between a city’s airport and downtown. But unlike other major Canadian cities, Vancouver doesn’t have a freeway that leads into the downtown core, said Jerry Dobrovolny, the city’s general manager of engineering.

Dobrovolny acknowledged that driving in a big city like Vancouver “can be challenging at the best of times.”

But he pointed out that Vancouver is still a very walkable city and has the “highest walk score” of any city in Canada.

“In our downtown, we have 100,000 people. Three-quarters of the people that live and work downtown walk to work every day,” he told CTV News Channel Thursday. 

Dobrovolny also said that 10 per cent of daily commutes are done by bike in the city and that Vancouver also has a high public transit use rate – all of which make it one of the most “livable cities” in North America, he added.

But the results of kfzteile24’s study did not surprise many Metro Vancouver residents.

“I travel quite a bit and I’ve driven in a lot of Canadian cities and we’re pretty bad,” one Vancouver resident said.

With reports from CTV Vancouver and CTV Calgary