Without changing or upgrading the battery, Tesla has updated the Model S and Model X to increase each vehicle's driving range to 370 miles and 325 miles respectively.

On Tuesday, Tesla announced that it has upgraded the powertrains of the Model S liftback and Model X SUV to increase the range by 10 percent for each, and significantly improve the power and torque for all model variants.

The new drive unit technology increases the drivetrain efficiency by 93 percent, according to Tesla. As a result, the range of the Long Range Model S increases to 370 miles (from 325 miles), and the range for the Long Range Model X increases to 325 miles (from 295 miles). Though both models are a tier below the performance variant, they're capable of driving an extra 25 and 20 miles, respectively.

The liftback can now make it to 60 mph from zero in 3.0 seconds, and the same sprint can be made by the SUV in 4.4 seconds.

Also thanks to the drivetrain improvement, Model S and X owners can now charge their batteries 50 percent faster, "achieving 200 kW on V3 Superchargers and 145 kW on V2 Superchargers."

To complement these upgrades, Tesla outfitted both models in new wheel bearings and is also offering new wheel designs for select variants.

Furthermore, the company has reintroduced Standard Range models for each segment: the Standard Model S has a range of 285 miles and 0-60 mph time of 4.0 seconds for $78,000, and the Standard Model X has a range of 250 miles and 0-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds for $83,000.

Lastly, "as a thank you" to early Tesla owners, those who want to upgrade their current Model S or Model X to a Performance version of the vehicle will get it with the Ludicrous Mode upgrade -- a $20,000 enhancement that increases the acceleration by 20 percent -- for free.

These improved versions of the Model S and Model X are already available to order online. The Long Range and Performance versions of the Model S retail for $88,000 and $99,000, and the Long Range and Performance versions of the Model X go for $93,000 and $104,000.