To fulfill the promise he made in October, Elon Musk announced on Thursday that the Tesla ‘Dog Mode' feature will be arriving this week.

Back in October, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to a tweet requesting that a ‘dog mode' be integrated into the Model 3 with an unquestioning "yes." Last week, he confirmed that the feature will be arriving this week.

The request made last year suggested that the mode plays music, keeps the AC on, and activates a display screen to say, "I'm fine my owner will be right back," in order to keep pups safe and happy, and passersby from being alarmed and taking unnecessary action.

This will come in addition to the Cabin Overheat Protection, a feature released in 2016 that ensures the cabin temperature does not exceed 105-degrees Fahrenheit (40.5 degrees Celsius) up to 12 hours after you leave your car.

While Musk did not offer any more details about what Dog Mode will entail, he accompanied the announcement with confirmation that Sentry Mode will also be coming out this week; therefore, if someone does break in to make sure your dog is safe, you'll know exactly who it was thanks to this 360-degree surveillance system.