Nissan is set to debut its first concept device for connecting car and driver performance at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Nissan Nismo Concept Watch is a world first and represents what the Japanese company calls its first step into wearable technology, suggesting more is to come.

The watch is focused around harvesting health information – that of the car and of its driver. For everyday driving, the Nismo records and reports on energy efficiency, fuel consumption and average speeds. But when the car heads for the track, the device’s performance steps up a gear, displaying telematics and performance data as laps progress.

At the same time that all of this is happening, the watch is also keeping track of the driver’s well-being via a built-in heart monitoring sensor which can be used to aggregate other biometric data.

It links to the car via Bluetooth and a smartphone with the supporting app and will go for roughly a week before it needs recharging. It will be available in a choice of three colors – white, black and red and will come in specially designed packaging for enhancing the Nismo brand.

The Nismo Lab was established earlier this year by Nissan to develop high-tech solutions for its race car drivers and other Nissan-supported athletes. And to identify how new technologies could also enhance the lives of its regular customers.