The Nissan GT-R has been due for a significant update for quite some time, and Nissan chose the 2016 New York International Auto Show as the site of the global reveal of its newly refreshed 2017 GT-R supercar.

Over its seven-year run so far, the GT-R has received just mild updates and one key major model variant, the NISMO; 2017 marks the first year it will receive significant changes.

The obvious changes are external, with a new grille in line with Nissan’s current design language, and a revised fascia that includes a new lower front spoiler. Along the sides of the GT-R, the rockers are reshaped, and at the rear there’s a redesigned bumper with functional air vents.

While the GT-R has always exemplified modern Japanese design, the 2017 styling updates give it an even more current look combined with some additional muscularity. Overall, it’s an even more cohesive design than before. The company says that while the GT-R’s drag coefficient is unchanged, down force is increased for better high-speed stability.

Interior updates are significant and result in a more driver-centric environment. There’s a new steering wheel with a smaller airbag module and shift paddles are now mounted to the back of the steering wheel for more effective shifting. Seats are improved with better bolstering and lighter weight construction.

The dash loses twenty-six buttons for a remarkable improvement in the name of simplicity and replaces the 7-inch display with an 8-inch capacitive touch screen. The dash is now covered in a single piece of leather for perhaps a touch of luxury the GT-R doesn’t really need.

The cabin is quieter thanks to improvements in sound deadening and active noise cancellation; however, sound is improved by a new titanium exhaust, and the GT-R now includes Active Sound Enhancement. Though we’re not big fans of that sort of engine noise fakery, hopefully this is indeed an enhancement.

For 2017, the chassis has been made more rigid than before and the suspension recalibrated; lighter 20-inch wheels and tires also offer better wheel control, according to Nissan.

Mechanically, the changes are minimal but important where it counts. The six-speed dual clutch carries over, but engine output is up by 20 horsepower to 565 and torque by four lb-ft to 467.

The 2017 Nissan GT-R goes on sale in summer 2016. Pricing has yet to be announced.