The Sierra All Terrain X is a new special edition set to go on sale this spring aimed at pickup fans that want to stand out from the crowd.

The Sierra is already GMC's most popular pickup, and that popularity is growing. An impressive 224,139 models were snapped up over the course of 2015 in the US (up 5.8 per cent on 2014's figures). In order to give those numbers a sense of perspective, Mazda sold 210,993 cars of all shapes and sizes across the entire European continent (a market of equal size) during the same period.

And with so many pickups on US roads, not just from GMC, but from Ford, Ram and Chevrolet, of course, the need to stand out or to add a little bit of individual flare has never been a greater priority. "Styling is the biggest influence on Sierra customers," said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing.

Enter the All Terrain X, which is clearly positioned to appeal to those that want to stand out on the road and never be at a standstill when off it. Its four-wheel-drive system boasts an Eaton locking rear differential and those wheels are connected to the body via a Z71 off-road suspension package. There's a hill descent control system and the transfer case for the low-range gears is shielded for greater protection.

The exterior is about stealthy rather than about conspicuous individuality. Although the truck will be offered in white, blue, red and grey as well as its signature Onyx Black, most of the external fittings are finished in black, from the door handles to the wing mirrors and side mouldings. The front grille gets a dark chrome tint and the sports roll bar (also black) is topped with LED off-road lights. And the final touch is a performance exhaust that increases the output from the pickup's 5.3-litre V8 to 365hp.

"[It is] a more aggressive, personalized appearance that complements its exceptional capability," said Aldred.
The All Terrain X will go on sale this spring when prices will be announced.