GENEVA -- The new normal at Volkswagen?

The VW executive who kept his calm as a protester mocked its emissions scandal during a glitzy media presentation at the Geneva Auto show says such stunts are "something that you just have to live with."

A wrench-wielding prankster dressed up as a VW mechanic crawled up under a display car to feign a repair on a car that marketing chief Juergen Stackmann had just ridden up in at the show Tuesday.

After being interrupted by the protester, Stackmann quipped: "It doesn't need repairs: It's a perfect car." Security guards then whisked away the protester.

Afterward, Stackmann told The Associated Press: "Obviously we know at the moment that we are the brand that attracts a lot of attention - and we have to live with that."

Volkswagen has admitted that up to 11 million vehicles worldwide may be affected by a diesel emissions-rigging scandal after revelations last fall from the U.S. Justice Department.