British supercar maker McLaren has announced a new US$20,600 package of enhancements for the 570S which will boost its on-circuit performance without diluting its everyday on-road capabilities.

The idea is simple. Why have a sportscar as a daily driver and another more focused car for track days and occasional racing when you can have one vehicle that offers the best of both worlds?

For a 12 per cent premium on the standard 570S ticket price, owners can now get a set of enhancements that have been lifted from McLaren's flagship P1 and 675LT models, including lightweight dashboard and carbon fiber seats, plus equally lightweight alloy wheels which shave an impressive 25-kilogram off the standard car's weight.

The Track Pack also brings better aerodynamics and much more downforce thanks to an extended rear wing, the effects of which will become obvious once the car hits the 241km/h mark.

The final touch is the full telemetry pack so that drivers can get real-time lap and performance data in the cabin and of course store information about previous track days, while comparing results to those of other drivers around the same circuit.

The Track pack is available to specify from Tuesday, Nov. 29 and the first cars with the extras will be delivered in early 2017.