McLaren has added to its Sports Series range with its fifth and most powerful model so far in the shape of the 592 bhp 600LT. According to McLaren, the 600LT will also be the most performance-focused Sports Series model to date, and will even beat the higher-ranking 675LT when it comes to lap times at certain circuits.

The new McLaren won't be a match for the 675LT in terms of straight line speed, but it will be what the company describes as "a margin faster" than the 675LT on certain tracks due to the better cornering capability of the 600LT.

LT is McLaren's sub-brand and is short for Longtail, and it's reserved for the most extreme models the company produces. So far, only four cars have worn the badge, and it all started back in 1996 with the McLaren F1 GTR racer.

Under the skin the 600LT is based on the 570S coupe, and it follows the LT tradition of less weight, more power and optimized aerodynamics. Although based on the 570S, McLaren claims nearly 25 per cent of the parts used on the 600LT are either completely new or specially redeveloped for the new car.

Compared to the standard model -- if you can call any McLaren standard, that is -- the 600LT's most obvious attribute is its bespoke carbon fiber bodywork, which has been stretched by 74mm due to its unique carbon fiber roof, front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser. Add into the mix a fixed rear wing and the 600LT is able to produce 100kg of downforce at a speed of 155 mph.

In the cabin there are carbon fiber racing seats borrowed from the legendary P1 and covered in Alcantara, and more importantly, they save 21 kg over the seats found in the 570S. But if buyers want to save even more weight and are prepared to part with an additional $8,700, the even lighter carbon fiber seats from the McLaren Senna can be fitted instead. A further 5.7 kg has been saved by not fitting any carpets, and of course, such unnecessary luxuries as air-con, satellite navigation and a sound system are also all absent. However, if you're prepared to put up with adding their weight they can be included as no-cost options.

Along with a whole host of other exciting cars, the new McLaren 600LT is making its debut this weekend at the U.K.'s Goodwood Festival of Speed.