Lexus hopes that its new RC coupe will broaden the brand's appeal when it makes its first official public appearance at the upcoming Tokyo motor show.

Described as a "concept-to-reality" coupe -- meaning that with a few tweaks and changes a production version will be hitting the road in the not too distant future -- the RC is a concerted attempt by Toyota's luxury division to boost its desirability among existing customers and those new to Lexus.

The company has yet to publish any performance statistics, but confirmed that the RC coupe will be officially unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show on Nov. 20 with two engine choices: a 3.5-litre V6 and a 2.5-litre hybrid powerplant, both of which will highlight the car's "fun-to-drive" character.

For now, Lexus wants us to focus on the car’s appearance and it is certainly striking, thanks to prodigious use of sharp, angular intersecting lines. However, the huge front grille is bound to polarize opinion.

What is certain though is that it will have a level of build quality and reliability to match anything currently being manufactured in Germany.

This reputation for quality has helped Lexus to become a serious competitor to BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Cadillac in the luxury car market. However, until now, its sportier offerings -- with the notable exception of its LFA supercar -- have left a lot to be desired.

Despite a price tag of $445,000 the LFA was so technologically advanced it required 10 years of research and development time, meaning that the company actually made a loss on each of the 500 samples it offered for sale.

If the RC Coupe offers just a smidgen of the performance, handling and thrills of the LFA, then most drivers will be able to look past that huge grille.