Don't leave your car out when you're out and about celebrating the holidays in your ugly sweater -- dress it up!

One of the best parts of celebrating the holiday season is the plethora of ugly sweaters that are sported around town -- the uglier the better. Well, while you're driving from party to party outfitted in your light-up and jingling knitwear, you don't want your aesthetic ruined by showing up in a spiritless vehicle. Here are some fashion faux pas your vehicle can wear -- some festive, some simply wacky. In any case, can you afford to go this holiday season without this much spirit?

The holiday vehicle wear from Party City is designed to disguise your vehicle as a reindeer for US$14.99. What better way to deliver gifts than via your hatchback with a nose so bright?

If going glam is your preferred way to go to holiday parties, or you know someone who would never dare to wear that ugly Christmas sweater, maybe you need to equip your or their vehicle with these flashy headlight eyelashes by Car Lashes. Your car will look as stylish as you do walking through the snow in that perfect holiday ensemble. Get the classic set for $46.98.

If you're looking to gift a vehicle to someone special, or just want to dress your car up as a gigantic present, we've got you covered. Here's an enormous magnetic bow by none other than CarBowz. Just slap it on top of the hood in the color that best matches that sweater. Though they're available in a wide range of colors, the festive car topper in red is $41.49 from Amazon.

If the bow is just a bit too subtle for your taste, you can opt to turn yourself into Santa's Little Helper by giving your sedan a set of elf face, ears and hats for $19.42 by Mystic Industries.

If dressing your car up as a caricature isn't really your thing, you could instead decide to simply turn it into a winter wonderland. It's easy to cover the sides of your car with these vehicle-friendly snowflake decals by CarStickers at $5.49 each. At the very least, your car will bring you a white Christmas.