Two efforts to track down stolen vehicles in Winnipeg were captured by imaging from a police helicopter – and police say both thefts were preventable.

Winnipeg police released information and video regarding both incidents on Sunday.

In one case, after police used a tire deflation device to stop the vehicle, the video shows a person getting out of the vehicle, running away and eventually being caught by officers.

Police say that vehicle was stolen while it was left with its engine running. In the other case, which also occurred Dec. 30, a man allegedly broke into a parked vehicle and found keys for another vehicle inside.

Video shows that vehicle speeding and running red lights before police are able to stop it. Its driver, too, attempted to run away but was ultimately arrested.

Drivers not safeguarding their keys is a significant factor contributing to auto theft in Winnipeg, Const. Jay Murray told CTV Winnipeg.

“All it takes is one person … that wants to get into that vehicle and take it for a ride,” he said.