On Tuesday at the Movin'On Summit in Montreal, Michelin and GM announced a descendent of the Vision airless, 3D-printed tire originally revealed in 2017: the Uptis tire.

On opening day of the Movin'On Summit in Montreal, a conference dedicated to sustainable mobility, Michelin and General Motors together announced their latest rendition of the airless tire that's puncture-proof, blow-out-proof and flat-proof.

The Michelin Uptis -- "Unique Puncture-proof Tire System" -- prototype is a successor of the Vision 3D-printed rubber tires; like the previous generation, the airless technology used to create these tires makes them more durable and longer-lasting since problems like flats, blowouts, and irregular wear due to over- or under-inflation are completely eliminated.

Without these common issues, tires will be scrapped before the end of their life cycles far less frequently. The Uptis prototype requires fewer raw materials, less energy, and releases a smaller amount of emissions to produce which ultimately supports the GM global vision for "a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion."

Michelin is targeting a 2024 production launch for the Uptis tire.