The European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) tested the autonomous emergency braking (AEB) systems of eight vehicles for the first time. The Mercedes E Class, the Volvo V40 and the Volkswagen Golf VII earned the highest safety ratings in this round of tests.

Among the many autonomous driving technologies that are making their way into production vehicles, AEB systems can alert a driver to a potential crash, deploy the maximum possible braking power to avoid collision, or even brake independently of the driver if necessary.

According to Euro NCAP, these systems have significant potential for improving vehicle safety, and their evaluation will be included in the program's overall rating scheme starting in 2014.

In the meantime, Euro NCAP tested the performance of the driving aid in eight vehicles.

Watch a video on Euro NCAP's tests on AEB systems:

In the low speed test (up to 50km/h), the only AEB systems to receive a rating of "good" were those of:

  • Mercedes (Pre-Safe Brake)
  • Volvo (City Safety & Collision Warning with Full Auto-Brake)
  • Mitsubishi (Forward Collision Mitigation)

At higher speeds (up to 80km/h), Mercedes and Volvo's systems received commendation again, as did that of Volkswagen (Front Assist).