Ahead of the upcoming Beijing Motor Show, the DS brand has teased a new concept car it's set to unveil at the event. Not only is this likely to be an exciting new vehicle from the premium arm of Citroen, it's also being billed as showcasing the vision of the brand stretching as far into the future as the year 2035.

The model in question is called the DS X E-Tense, and the short video edit that's been released by DS is all we have to go on at the moment. The teaser video features the usual shadowy shots, but from what we can see the car appears to be a full-size coupe with front and rear lights featuring the company's trademark geometric patterns.

A glimpse of a swollen wheel arch and a large alloy wheel can be seen that then reveals a 'DS Performance' badge, and the E-Tense name inevitably suggests an all-electric powertrain. However, unlike something like a Nissan Leaf, the DS X E-Tense is expected to have an electric powertrain where the focus is on performance rather than purely economy.

And unlike a lot of concepts we see these days, this one looks set to be something of a throwback as it's very much a preview of the future technology and design language of DS, rather than being some sort of thinly disguised pre-production model.

Inevitably, DS is touting China as one of its most important markets now and in the future, and that country's appetite for electric vehicles makes it the perfect location for launching an all-electric concept. We haven't seen a DS concept launch since the E-Tense electric coupe back in 2015, and although the brand has launched the DS 7 Crossback since then, news of other new models has been a little thin on the ground.

It's also likely that this concept is more of a track-focused model than something with an eye towards a road-going car. It appears to owe more than a little of its inspiration to the E-Tense FE 19 electric racing car DS Virgin Racing will be using to compete in the Formula E championship next season.

DS X E-TENSE Teaser from Laurent Nivalle on Vimeo:

DS X E-TENSE Teaser from Laurent Nivalle on Vimeo.