When a sinkhole at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky pulled eight classic vehicles into the earth below, it became an overnight sensation, and the museum is now making the crevice into a permanent exhibit.

Visitor numbers to the Corvette Museum have increased 59 per cent since the sinkhole incident on February 12.

After security cameras recorded the event, staff uploaded the footage to YouTube, with the clip accruing over 8 million views in the time since.

Among its prey, the hole had devoured a 1993 ZR-1 Spyder, PPG Pace Car, Z06 Mallett Hammer, and a 1962 Corvette.

From September, the opening will be partially filled in to provide views of the sinkhole below, and a dirt embankment "where one or two of the cars could be placed for display."

Reconstruction is to commence after the privately-funded museum celebrates its 20th anniversary over the weekend of August 27-30.