The C Evolution is a zero-emissions maxi scooter that offers a range of 100km on a single charge and that can be topped up from a domestic power supply in under four hours.

Capable of going from 0-50km/h in in two seconds and onto a top speed of 120km/h, the C Evolution is focused on urban performance and practicality and in and around town offers the same levels of performance as a 600cc gas-powered maxi scooter.

It has active traction control via a torque monitor so that the wheels don't spin when pulling away from traffic lights or on uneven or unrefined road surfaces and even has four different ride settings depending on whether performance or comfort is the needed.

For example, in Road mode, the rider has maximum acceleration on tap as well as active battery regeneration when coasting and braking; while Eco Pro mode does everything it can to maximize the battery's life and therefore extend the range.

Keeping track of range and other critical vehicle information is also pretty simple thanks to a generous color TFT screen within the instrument cluster which can display data in numerical or graphic form, while other nice touches include a reversing aid to make the bike easier to maneuver at low speeds. It even has heated handlebars for traveling on colder days.

Expected to launch in 2014, BMW is yet to confirm pricing.