Though more and more vehicles are being released with voice assistants already integrated into their multimedia systems, you were left high and dry if you were driving an older model. To help all drivers stay connected, Anker has launched the Roav Bolt, a device that brings the Google Assistant to your car by simply plugging it in the cigarette lighter.

On Wednesday consumer electronics company Anker Innovations presented the Roav Bolt, an aftermarket car accessory that brings the Google Assistant to a wide variety of vehicles that have a cigarette lighter socket (a 12-volt port).

The plug is equipped with noise-reduction tech and powered by specially designed audio algorithms that have been developed to ensure that the device can hear you in any and all driving conditions.

After the Roav Bolt is plugged into your car, you can connect to it with your smartphone via Bluetooth or an AUX jack and say, "Hey Google." Once set up, you can use the Assistant to make calls, send messages, receive navigation directions, and control your music.

Your phone's data will be used to stream media over the car's audio system. You can program it to let you know when you get specific types of notifications to your phone.

The accessory features two USB ports, so you don't have to choose between charging your mobile devices or using the Assistant.

Right now, the Roav Bolt is only available at Best Buy in the U.S. for US$49.99. "In the coming weeks," it will hit the shelves in Walmart and Target.