CALGARY - Two American cowboys who travelled the world on the television reality show "The Amazing Race" have roped the role of marshals for the Calgary Stampede parade.

Cord and Jet McCoy of Oklahoma, who earned the nickname "gentlemen cowboys" on the show, will lead off the western extravaganza July 9.

Cord McCoy, a professional bull rider, has also qualified to compete in the Stampede rodeo.

David Chalack, chair of the Stampede board, said the two exemplify the "cowboy ethics" of integrity, commitment to community and western hospitality.

"For these two brothers, the hats and the boots aren't for show. It's their way of life," he said Tuesday.

"They grew up as cowboys, stewards of the land and cattle, living by cowboy ethics."

The pair were fan favourites on the reality television show that pays $1 million to the pair that comes in first after a race around the world in which contestants must complete tasks in several countries. The McCoys finished a close second.

Chalack said only a handful of "real cowboys" have taken the parade's helm and the two brothers are worthy marshals.

"To see these two young men in action was a reminder that cowboy ethics never go out of fashion."

Cord McCoy said he was honoured to be asked to participate.

"I feel like a little kid. I want to save every news clip and watch every TV show, because I know what the generations before us have passed on about the Calgary Stampede."

The parade will also pay tribute to the city's fire and police services, as well as Canada's Olympic athletes.