The winners of the inaugural edition of "The Amazing Race Canada" say they're looking forward to giving back to their community now that the race is done.

Winnipeg father Tim Hague Sr. and his son, Tim Hague Jr., came out on top in the final stage of the race, beating out sisters Vanessa Morgan and Celina Mziray, and brothers Cory and Jody Mitic.

Before the final showdown, which took place in Toronto, the father and son had never won any stages of the race and were nearly eliminated twice.

The elder Hague, a registered nurse who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, told CTV's Canada AM that since appearing on the show other Parkinson's patients have reached out to him.

"It's huge for me," he said. "It allows this event, which is so much about us – you know, you take home the money, you take home the cars – to now take and give something back. And that's meaningful to us."

He added that, while not everyone with Parkinson's will be able to race across the country, he hopes his trials on the series will show others that they can be active and accomplish their goals as well.

"My hope would be that we can share hope, share encouragement (and) share with folks that if I can do this, there's something they can do," he said. "There's something we can do to change our attitude, change our outlook, to help ourselves along the way."

Tim Hague Jr. said that competing with his father inspired him to never give up, even when things became difficult during the race.

"You stop and think 'OK, this guy over here, almost twice my age with Parkinson's (and) he's not giving up. So there's no excuse whatsoever that I can ever give up," he said. "We definitely encouraged each other, we definitely worked hard, we definitely argued some days. But I am so proud of him."

He added that it feels like a "release" now that they can go public about their win and finally tell friends and family.

As race winners, the pair were awarded $250,000 in cash, two 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays and free first-class flights to anywhere Air Canada flies for a year.

And of course, there is the fame that comes with winning Canada's first ever Amazing Race.

"We're about 13 minutes into our 15," joked Tim Hague Sr.