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Inauguration sows doubt among QAnon conspiracy theorists

For years, legions of QAnon conspiracy theory adherents encouraged one another to "trust the plan" as they waited for the day when U.S. President Donald Trump would orchestrate mass arrests, military tribunals and executions of his Satan-worshipping, child-sacrificing enemies.

Coronavirus Coverage

Shoppers walk wearing face masks and carrying shopping bags in Regent Street, after coronavirus restrictions were eased following the end of the second national lockdown in England, in London, Saturday, Dec. 5, 2020. (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali)
Mother putting a face mask on her daughter. (August de Richelieu/ Pexels)


Oval Office gets fresh redesign for Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden has given the Oval Office a slight makeover. Biden revealed the new decor Wednesday as he invited reporters into his new office to watch him sign a series of executive orders.

Pfizer pitches Canada for tax breaks in upcoming budget

Pfizer Canada is pitching the federal government to bring in new tax breaks and change related corporate tax policies, suggesting the feds need to do more to incentivize pharmaceutical companies to invest domestically in a post-pandemic world.

Behind those dancing robots, scientists had to bust a move

A video showing two of Boston Dynamics' humanoid Atlas research robots doing the twist, the mashed potato and other classic moves took almost a year and half of choreography, simulation, programming and upgrades that were capped by two days of filming.

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