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Canada demanded birth certificate of Ukrainian baby born in bomb shelter: family

A Ukrainian family says the agony of the war in Ukraine was made worse by what they call 'impossible' requests from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), including a demand for their daughter's birth certificate just days after she was born in the bomb shelter of a maternity hospital in the ravaged city of Chernihiv.

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opinion | Tom Mulcair: The Trump side to Poilievre

Millennials know that they’re the first generation of Canadians to have less than their parents or grandparents. Pierre Poilievre’s got that figured out, writes former NDP leader Tom Mulcair in his latest column for CTVNews.ca.


OPINION | Tom Mulcair: Trudeau's hopeless performance on environment is not unique

We have a prime minister who, now in his seventh year in office, has been a total failure when it comes to meeting our international obligations to fight climate change. He knows the secret handshake, attends international conferences, says all the right things, then approves mammoth new petroleum projects like the Bay du Nord offshore oil scheme, writes former NDP leader Tom Mulcair in an exclusive column for CTVNews.ca.